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Helping hands and caring hearts to serve your house and your household.

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    Nailing down why we're more than "just another handyman business".

So why would a pastor who has spent 33-plus years serving people in the "big stuff" of life start a business helping with their "smaller" needs? Well, over the years what I have seen in my own life and the lives of people I know is this: the "little" things often contribute to the "big" ones! Life's demands just pile up and bring too much stress from too much to do. And in such a stressful world, we realize that the most precious resource we have is time, because time is life!
DO4U Home Services is about giving you some of your time - and some of your life - back again. We're here to serve people in their living space so they can make more space for living! Along with the help of my family and some friends who are really good at what they do, I want to unload some of your stress by serving you and your family with basic and skilled essential services that can help you out with your house and household.
You see, while helping people has been the focus in ministry, it's also been at the heart of our family's life journey. We have many years of combined experience in home improvement work, retail management, customer service, home hardware retail and home specialty and personal care services. So as far as needs around the house go, we - along with our connected contractor friends - pretty much have you covered with skillsets to do lots of the stuff that everybody needs help with!
Serving is ultimately a relational idea. To us it means putting the heart back into caring about people. That means connecting with you, listening to really hear you and coming to an understanding of how you can best be served. Our bottom line is the "U" in DO4U. You matter! We want to get to know you and your unique needs so we can build a great connection and effectively help you out. And we won't be happy until you are!
So call or text us, drop us an email or just click one of the many links on any page to send an estimate request. I'd love to speak with you, meet with you and see what we could DO-4-U!

We're here...To serve people in their living space, So they can make more space for living.

Watch the video. Meet Brice. Discover DO4U.

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We partner with a local ministry to serve under-resourced families. You can help!

Why choose us?

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We're going to bring the same workmanship to your home as we would to ours. We won't sacrifice quality to rush through a job. You'll get our best. And we'll always stand behind our work!


We take the time to really listen to your needs and work with you toward the best solution for your space and budget. And we'll communicate through the job so you stay informed on everything, start to finish!



We all have our stories of shady service providers. That's not us! We'll always be honest and upfront about our pricing, process and capabilities. Being trustworthy is imperative to your happiness, and that's our goal and promise!


Our business is all about being connected to our clients. Relationship is in our DNA, and your heart matters as much as your project. We want to be friends and allies, standing by your side over the long haul!

The Gray Family Peeps

The "family" in our "family business"!



Brice is a relationally-centered person, spending his life in service to others. His background in home-related industries includes over 15 years in home improvement, carpet cleaning and water damage restoration work. He also has extensive experience with 10-plus years in retail sales and management at a large hardware/home improvement store. He's done ministry work for over 35 years, including pastoring , church leadership and administration, and playing in spiritual rock and worship bands through the years! He and Jan are parents of two wonderful adult children, Brennan and Zach.



Jan has been married to Brice for over 40 years. She has a diverse background in people professions and activities, including home services such as cleaning, maintenance, painting and organizing. She also has many years of senior and childcare experience, retail management and office support and administration. Like her husband, she's also been involved in very diverse aspects of long-term ministry. Jan has always had a mom's heart, raising two awesome kids, and loves children and animals... including a bunch of much-beloved pets at home!

Zach Gray, DO4U Home Services


Zach is the youthful side of our business, but he's no rookie! He's got three-plus years of home improvement experience and also a diverse background in customer service jobs. He loves working with his hands and has a great knack for seeing effective and efficient ways to get jobs done right. He also loves working on cars and is a solid guitarist and proficient musician as well, having composed and produced his own stuff. Zach is definitely beyond his years in terms of his home improvement aptitude!

Our Process

We work hard to make the estimating processas fast, informative and easy as possible!


Reach out to us...

Just call, text, email, or request an estimate from our website to get started.


We'll discuss your needs...

We'll get back to you within a day (same day in most cases), discuss your needs and set up a time to come by and fully assess the details and scope of the work. Sometimes we can give a "ballpark" range in a phone conversation (or from pictures), but just as a rough "guesstimate" (not an actual estimate).


We'll stop by and take a look...

We'll come to your home for our scheduled visit, look at your situation, take measurements, explain the anticipated work process and answer any of your questions.


We'll send you a free e-estimate...

We'll send you an estimate accessible via text or email, within the next day unless we need additional time to research and price materials, etc. But you'll get our estimate as quickly as possible!  


You decide how & when to proceed!

Take your time to evaluate our estimate, ask any questions and decide. When you're ready, we'll schedule your job and get materials ordered. Estimate prices are valid for 30 days.


  • What is meant by "home services"? Is this just a handyman business?

    We are a handyman business, but we also do things that are meant to be a help to busy families. These include a range of chores around the home, general labor and helping to manage things for the household. Everyone has different needs, and we're able to work with each client to address their unique situations. We can actually help in a lot of areas. Let us know what you need and if we can do it, we'll work with you!

  • Are you licensed and insured?

    We are fully insured, with a $1M/$2M general liability policy, which you can see here. Within the category of our business, we aren't required to be licensed in the State of Ohio. There's actually a lot we can do in a residental setting, but are limited in specialty licensed categories like electrical, plumbing and HVAC work. We're also limited by our insurance in some job categories as well. But no worries! What we can't do, we can refer to our relational network of quality contractors - so we can get you connected!

  • Do you guarantee your work?

    We fully stand behind our work with our Happiness Promise. Specifically , we warrant our workmanship for a full year from the job completion. You can read those details contained in the Warranty section of our Customer Agreement.

  • Are estimates free?

    Yes. Our estimates are always free.

  • Do you charge by the hour or by the job?

    We typically charge by the job, although hourly rates may apply with some general labor/task type services. Hourly rates may also apply for multiple small tasks done in a single visit, etc.

  • Do you schedule work on weekends?

    Depending on the specific situation, we are willing to work on weekends and sometimes evenings as well. Additional charges for work outside of normal business hours may apply.

  • What payment options do you provide for clients?

    We currently accept multiple forms of payment, including cash, checks, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and bank transfers. There is a 3% processing fee added when paying by card.

  • Who buys the materials?

    We anticipate ordering and purchasing most materials and incorporating them into our estimates. You always have the right to buy your own materials... however, we can't be responsible for their condition or successful installation. Regardless, we'd be happy to work with you to get what you want and need.

  • Can I choose my own material, color and style options?

    Absolutely! It's your home, your space, your style and your choice!

  • Can I get an estimate over the phone without you having to come to my house?

    We don't give estimates over the phone as a general rule. We may, however, be able to give a "ballpark range" for common or simple work or for jobs where the customer supplies photos that clearly depict the situation, but nothing we discuss verbally is guaranteed or binding on us.

  • Do you do any electrical, plumbing or HVAC work?

    We are limited in these categories by legalities and insurance. We install lighting, fans, outlets, switches and the like and also replace faucets and toilets and can help with some leaks and clogs. Unfortunately, we can't do any major electrical, plumbing or HVAC repair or installation.

  • Do you do full remodels or renovations?

    We handle larger work requests on a per-case basis, and will refer our customers to general contractors (we know several) when the scope of the work is beyond our time or capacity.

  • Do you have service, travel or minimum charges?

    At this time, there is a $100 minimum service charge for any job, which also covers the first 2 hours of typical work and is applied to the total job invoice. We also add a trip charge, based on time and/or mileage, for any work we do outside of our service area, which you can find on our Contact page. Service charges won't apply to contractual longer-term jobs and projects.

  • What type of pros do you work with for jobs beyond your scope?

    We have connections with general contractors, plumbers, finish carpenters, water damage specialists, cleaning companies and more!

  • Who is responsible for getting permits?

    Most of the work that we do will not require permits. You are responsible for determining what permits, if any, are needed and as a homeowner, you may acquire them yourself. We can pull permits if we are legally allowed to do the defined work and will include that fee in our estimate. Some municipalities, especially larger cities, require a contractor/specialist to be licensed before they can legally obtain a permit. Regardless of who gets the permit, if we are unable to do a particular aspect of the work, we will reach out to one of our connected contractors to complete it.

Got more questions? Just get in touch!